Glazed & Infused


There's nothing surprising about doughnuts. Every day they're sold by the dozens — literally. It's routine and ordinary. Enter, Glazed & Infused: a quirky little company that does just one thing: hand-made, artisan doughnuts that are anything but ordinary.

Tagline: A Doughnut Less Ordinary.




Twitter Campaign: #doughnutIntervention

In response to the growing "ordinary doughnut" epidemic, we created the Doughnut Intervention Program (or DIP). Users can contact Glazed and Infused via Twitter, when they fear they may be exposed to a lethal dose of ordinary doughnuts. Using the hashtag "doughnutIntervention," users can request assistance. One lucky tweet each day is rewarded with a delivery of free, fresh, less ordinary doughnuts.

Here, a customer's office mate purchased plain, cake doughnuts at a convenience store for a meeting. He remained calm and remembered exactly what to do. He was rewarded for keeping it together during a doughnut emergency.

Twitter/Facebook: "Extraordinary Mondays," (Skip-the-line)

Each week, 5 lucky customers who like G & I on Facebook or follow on Twitter will receive a "Skip The Line" code. Every Monday, code recipients can skip the line at any G & I location and head straight to the "VIP counter" to place their order.


Website: Doughnut Builder App

Using the Doughnut Builder web app, customers can create their own personal doughnut recipe, using any ingredient on the G & I menu. Top recipes are posted to the G & I Facebook page for voting. Monthly winners get to have their recipe produced as an exclusive, one-week run. They also receive 1 free dozen of their personal recipe doughnuts to share with friends — or to keep entirely for themselves.

Art Director: Andrew Tassy