Odds & Sods

When you unbox and assemble a piece of modern, Swedish furniture, there are bound to be a few leftover parts and pieces, right? What are you gonna do? Throw them away? This gallery was created in that spirit, to serve as refuge for the one-offs, the orphans, and the misfits — the leftover parts and pieces that maybe don't quite fit into neatly labeled boxes, yet still cry out to be seen (or heard, as the case may be).

Radio Jingle: The Motley Fool   

A friend and fellow copywriter had written lyrics to a radio jingle, for financial advice website The Motley Fool. She sought someone to help put her jingle to music and make it into a radio spot. So that's what I did.

Copy/Lyrics: Sami Ross
Music, Instruments, Vocals, and Production: Chris Glomp


"Breaking Glass"
Who knows where inspiration comes from? Maybe it comes from binge-watching the final 8 episodes of one of the best television shows ever made. Maybe it comes from heady discussions about the future of wearable tech. Maybe it lives in the shadows, in the gray, morally ambiguous areas, somewhere between outside-the-box thinking and the marginalization of those who challenge social convention. (Or maybe copywriters just lke to play with Photoshop too.)

Book Cover Redesign

A book cover redesign project, linked to a relatively healthy obsession* with the work of J.D. Salinger.

(*Full disclosure: I don't use the word obsession lightly.)