Organic by John Patrick


Organic by John Patrick is a clothing brand that infuses its garments with a sense of origin and intent, as well as fashion. The story of our clothing begins long before it hits the runways (or our closets). It comes from the earth and it's touched by many human hands along the way. Let's help consumers better understand the full story of their clothing's journey.

WEB VIDEO: Campaign Overview

DIGITAL: Website

A garment's entire journey, from origin to purchase, is reflected in the user experience on the website, in several ways:

GARMENT TRACKER: When a customer places an order, the garment's entire journey is tracked, originating not from a warehouse or distribution center, but beginning in a specific field or pasture, all the way to receipt by the customer.

BROWSE BY ORIGIN: Online shoppers can browse clothing not only by color, style, or size, but also by the material's geographical origin.

DIGITAL: Mobile App

The Organic mobile app gives customers the tools to understand more about their clothing's story, while on-the-go.

Shopping with the Organic mobile app allows users to scan the tags of their Organic garments and trace their origins. Users can view exactly where their clothing was sourced, on an interactive map.

Scanning product bar codes produces a full garment history, from origin to point-of-sale.

VIRTUAL CLOSET: As garments are scanned, users can create their own collection, with detailed information on the full story of their pieces.

"ORGANIFIED" SELFIE: this function allows users to photograph themselves trying on Organic pieces. The app then tags the images, using the geo-location of where the garment was sourced, rather than selfie-ed. Users also have the option to replace the image background with an image of the country of origin. Photos can be shared to social media accounts, directly from the app.


To tell the world the story of Organic clothing, from field to runway, John Patrick will debut his new line during New York fashion week, using the very people who had a hand in creating the garment. The designer, farmer, seamstress, and model will debut each piece, walking the runway, in order of creation.


In pop up Organic stores, customers will video chat with the creators of their garments and learn more about the process, while shopping.


Art Director: Chris Warner
Additional Copywriter: Molly Stapleton