US Olympic Bobsledding   


Bobsledding is pure speed, precision, and danger, wrapped up in one sexy snowsuit — well, four snowsuits to be exact. To create new fans and boost viewership of this exhilarating sport at the 2014 Winter Games on NBC, let's give sports fans a taste of what it's like to "ride the edge."

Tagline: Ride The Edge



GAME APP: Multiplayer Online Game (iOS, Android)

Players initiate a game with friends nearby or join a game with other players online.

Using the device's motion-sensing hardware, players tilt their screen to adjust body alignment (left to right, front to back.)

To successfully navigate each course, all four players must work in precise synchronization to hug the turns, maximize speed, and reduce drag.


The ceilings above mega-escalators (found in museums and subways) are converted into harrowing bobsled runs, giving viewers an intense, first-hand POV experience.

AMBIENT: Subway escalator takeover

Ultra-narrow, reserved parking spaces — for bobsledders only — emphasize the kind of stone-cold precision this sport requires.

Ambient brand messaging on roller coaster safety bars, at amusement parks, highlights the danger and speed of a roller coaster is nothing next to a bobsled.

AMBIENT: Roller coaster safety bar

Art Director: Chris Warner
Additional Copywriter: Molly Stapleton