Virgin Galactic


How do you entice the über-wealthy to shell out $250K for a seat on a Virgin Galactic space flight? Target them in their own swanky, natural habitat, appeal to their inherent sense of one-upsmanship, and urge them to "upgrade their status" with an experience that carries the ultimate bragging rights: a ride in space.

Tagline: Flight. Status.




Private Jet Charter Fleet Takeover

Modified private jet window shades, at elite executive airports, showcase views from the Virgin Galactic spacecraft — and encourage elite fliers to "Upgrade Their Status."

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Luxury Car Valet Installations: Rear View Mirror hangers

Valet services in luxury hotels, restaurants, and other exclusive venues, will place rear view mirror hangers in patrons' ridiculously expensive automobiles.

The mirror hangers contain a DVD with a Virgin Galactic promotional video, a link to the website's registration page, and other information.

We created a set of three different hangers, to customize messaging appropriate to the type of vehicle.

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Art Director: Blake Sheridan
Additional Copywriter: Bridget Natale