Christopher Glomp enjoys writing about himself in the third person. His vision is perfect, yet he has always secretly wanted glasses.

He has worked in the Chicago film industry for 15 years, doing lighting for feature films, TV, and scads of commercials. He holds a degree in Communication Arts (Film/TV) from the University of Wisconsin. In 2009, he earned a Master’s degree in Writing from DePaul. Then — almost inexplicably — he went to Chicago Portfolio School to become an advertising copywriter, fulfilling his life-long dream of spending more money on education than it could ever possibly earn him in return.

When he isn't writing ad copy, you'll find him living blissfully in Evanston, with his wife and two kids.

When I'm not writing scintillating copy, I occasionally find time to do stuff like dis.

MUSIC VIDEO: Cube Tap "It Was A Good Day" (Song Parody)

A song parody we wrote about a fictional Best Boy Electric, named Cube Tap, and his life on the film set. The character is semi-autobiographical, (if not slightly more so.) It’s an homage to Ice Cube's 1993 gangsta rap magnum opus, "It Was A Good Day." Having worked with Cube on more than one cinematic masterpiece, I have it on good authority that he has viewed and enjoyed the video. (Well — at least I know he has viewed it.)

The video was notable for the rather large ripple it made across the film industry when released: 70K+ views on YouTube (before it was taken down). It lives again here.

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