CREATE A GAME: December 2013

BriefCreate a fresh, original game title for any digital device.

When you play a game with someone, you quickly get to know them in a much deeper way than in most social situations. So we’ve turned gaming into the ultimate tool to help you find a date.

Tagline: PlayDate — Where Singles Become Multiplayers

Users rank the most important "matchable qualities" they look for in a partner, using the sliders. The sliders have only a limited number of points to allocate, preventing Play Daters from setting unrealistic expectations. Since each Play Dater can only boost their own "matchable qualities" through playing, potential matches will be filtered and more accurately paired after more play.

Once players are matched up, its time to start Play Dating. Either Play Dater can initiate one of 4 games with their partner. Each game has different means of participating, designed to bring out different traits in each player by leveling up their "matchable qualities."


A series of timed, problem solving games, demonstrating practical and academic prowess. Quick thinking under pressure is key to earning victory over fellow Play Daters.

A "Would it be wise?" round of trivia, to determine how well you or your partner pay attention to what's going on in the world — or what your mother taught you.

Play Daters play judge, jury, and collaborator to one another's drawings, humor, music, and other creative expressions, in a series of mini games, with an objective to charm the pants off each other.

Play Daters check one another's moral compass in a role-playing walkabout of "Would You Rather"-type decision-making scenarios.

According to Ice Cube, you MUST check yourself before wrecking yourself. The same goes for dating. After a few successful rounds with a potential match, a "Deal Breaker" pop-up question appears for both parties to answer simultaneously. This will help Play Daters decide if they'd like to CONTINUE or QUIT the current "Mission of Love."

At the end of each round of play, the Play Dater’s results directly level-up the "matchable qualities" their potential match may be looking for. By matching gaming strengths, the more the Play Dater plays, the more likely their chances of scoring a first date with the right partner. If gaming results indicate the other player may not be a match, the Play Dater has another opportunity to quit and begin again with a new match.