Half Price Books


Whether it's a freshly printed copy or a rare, vintage first-edition, a book you’ve never read is new to you. Half Price Books sells thousands of books, both new and used, with an inventory that is always changing. So every visit to the store is another chance to discover something new — at least to you.


DIGITAL: Mobile App (iOS/Android)

Every visit to Half Price Books could mean a new, unexpected discovery. In that spirit, we created the New Discovery mobile app, enabling users to browse, discover, and locate books at specific store locations, from their mobile device. The interface design encourages exploration and discovery, preserving the sense of fun and unpredictability the used book store shopping experience offers.

Users first create a profile and set custom preferences to personalize the discovery and recommendation engine. Preferences include: "Books I've Read," "Favorite Authors," "Genres," "Surprise Me," etc.

Users can then browse and explore the digital inventory, using various filters (such as Genres).

Within a particular genre, available book titles become visible, allowing users to browse titles, by scrolling left and right.

To learn more about a title, users can tap on covers to reveal professional and customer reviews, as well as availability, location, and pricing information.

Built-in social media functionality allows users to share recent discoveries, new purchases, or even make recommendations to friends, via Facebook or Twitter, natively, within the New Discovery app.

OOH: Bus Shelter Takeover

To encourage users to download our mobile app, we converted bus shelters into virtual used book stores, giving each individual bus shelter it's own unique inventory — just like the physical stores.

The interior walls of each shelter are lined with a unique selection of books, featuring actual covers and custom bar codes, users can use the mobile app and the camera on their phone to scan titles, locate, and learn more about the books they discover.